Video Recording Proofs by Just Wearing Your Neck Tie

Video Recording Proofs by Just Wearing Your Neck Tie

If you’re after gathering hard facts on video and audio to prove something without getting caught, you should start wearing your tie. A tie? What’s a tie got to do with video and audio recording? Everything. Aside from giving you a decent look, like you got nothing to do with any spying activity, an LM Tie Cam, which is a covert camera in a tie, will help you catch everything on video and record them clearly as evidence.

Undetectable Covert Cam

Who’d think that the tie you’re wearing is actually a weapon for truth? If you want to catch on video fishy things going in a place—your workplace or otherwise—the best way to do it is by using your regular office clothes. And that should include wearing an LM Tie Cam. The tiny, undetectable cam hidden in the tie records with 550 TVL resolution video using 30 frames each second. The images are clear with just the right amount of lighting, and the audio is so perceptible it’s like listening to firsthand or actual conversation.

You can cover practically any area you can enter and get clear video of everything. Cover even closed door meetings, secret rendezvous, any cloak-and-dagger deals and transactions, inside an office, a car, storage, plane, or even secluded places. All you have to do later is connect it to a DVR unit and watch everything—sights and sounds. The video leaves no detail unrecorded. All the activities and conversations are clearly laid out, suspects have no way of denying them.

Proof of Honest Delivery

If you are in charge of delivery—delivering costly items or valuable goods—and you need back-up proof of your honest delivery aside from signed and received invoices and receipts, just wear your tie. Your LM Tie Cam will make sure every step of the delivery is well accounted for in video. This is applicable during errands for getting valuable items to a person, delivering relief goods, big cash, jewels, or important hand delivered messages.

You may even have the tie worn by your employees to check on their honesty or reliability without their knowing it. If you assign them a special task for a particular day or time, the tie will record their performance. As they wear it, they record all their transactions on video and audio. After the specific task and they return the tie to you, you can sit back and relax while watching how they actually went about the task assigned to them.

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