SleuthGear Recluse XT Video Camera Review

SleuthGear Recluse XT Video Camera Review

Spying is, of course, surveillance, first and foremost. And when surveillance comes to mind, it’s a spy cam most people think about. And spy cams get more effective the lesser they are conspicuous. The SleuthGear Recluse XT Video Camera is that kind of a spy cam. It’s just about the size of a mobile phone and yet full of accuracy features.

Used in Plain Sight But Not Obvious

The best spy cams are those you can use in plain sight of people and yet remain inconspicuous to them—like a spy cam disguised as a mobile phone. Everyone uses mobile phones in public and nobody cares. Other spy cams come in the form of lipsticks, watches, pens, eye glasses and even stuffed toys, but often, it takes some difficulty using them as spy cams—particularly when focusing on a subject—without appearing a bit obvious to some people, or catching their attention. A spy cam in a mobile or iPhone is more like it, and here’s where SleuthGear Recluse XT Video Camera fits in nicely.

By the way, using spy cams on people without their knowledge may be against federal laws. So, be sure to checkout state laws that apply to covert video taking before embarking on the adventure.

SleuthGear Recluse XT Video Camera Features

SleuthGear Recluse XT comes with a covert case, video and USB cables, AC adapter, a Micro SD card of 16 GB [with an adapter] and a DC jack. The device size is comfortably handy: ¼ inches in thickness, 2 inches in width, and 3.8 inches in height. The weight is just a bit heavier than an ounce. It’s like carrying a backup battery or a portable WiFi gadget.

Recluse XT has an MPEG4 video [640 by 480], a video recording time of 16 hours [16GB] and 32 hours [32GB]. The SD memory card is capacitated to 32GB and the whole thing is powered with a rechargeable DC 3.7V 580 mAh Lithium Polymer bat. The external power is DC 5V 0.8A and the battery life is 4 hours maximum. A date and time stamp check is available and the cam has a .3MP and reaches a 70 degree angle.

Spy Cam Parts

Light indicators are set on the top of the device: red is for charging, green is for charged, and blue is for recording. How do you keep these light indicators from catching undue attention from people? Simply cover them with a black tape.

At the bottom, indicators for switches and slots are found. The country info and model number are also indicated there. The lens is easily lifted a bit.

Found in front of the device is the camera lens, the reset hole, and the audio pick-up.

At the back of the device is a microUSB portal or input used for battery recharging or transferring video or audio to another device. The micro SD is removable for viewing via an SD card reader. Image viewing and transfer is that easy. The on/off power switch is on the right side of the device, as well as the select switch for video and audio record plus auxiliary. Also found here are the DC charging jack and the micro SD card slot.

Using the Recluse XT

Charge the device using the AC adapter included in the Recluse XT or by charging through the USB-to-microUSB using a PC USB jack—that is, from USB to DC. Then, insert the micro SD card after charging. To set the cam to video recording, select the mode desired [motion or regular], and aim it to catch an action.

During recording, the top LED will blink blue periodically. The Recluse XT records in 10-minute segments if the recording is unbroken prior the 10-minute limit. Each 10 minutes, the device saves the data to a file and starts a new one for you. Audio files, if found on your Recluse XT, are recorded 30-minute segments and kept or stored.

The Recluse XT, by the way, is usable inconspicuously with or without its case. It’s quite ideal for your covert cam surveillance.

How clear is a Recluse XT image? When using it even without the aid of an HD format, the image quality is good enough for any presentation. If the images are used for evidence of a crime, the image quality would prove quite helpful.

Downloading and Uploading

Video downloading or uploading is easy. Choose to perform either task directly to your desktop storage or to your YouTube account.

Hence, if you want your spying or surveillance work with a cam to be effective yet simple, it’s worth checking out a SleuthGear Recluse XT Video Camera.

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