Three Signs of Surveillance

Three Signs of Surveillance

Three Signs of Surveillance

Surveillance is a hot button issue, and after the PRISM/NSA scandal there are millions of American citizens that are worried about their right to privacy.  The government isn’t the only entity that could be monitoring your activities, and in fact most people reading this will never have to worry about buying a spy detector to thwart government surveillance.  Uncle Sam probably isn’t spying on you, but a suspicious spouse, jealous ex, or business rival could be.  If you think that you’re being monitored, watch out for these common signs of surveillance.

Neighbors Acting Strangely

Are your usually friendly neighbors acting less warm towards you?  Do they look anxious, avoid talking to you, or tend to look at you from a distance.  If you’re noticing these changes in their behavior your neighbors may be acting strangely because they’ve been contacted by a private investigator or someone else who is trying to gather information on you.  It isn’t uncommon for private investigators and other people who spying to flash fake badges or display fraudulent credentials that make them look like they’re affiliated with a law enforcement agency.  Or to say that they’re investigating you for criminal behavior as a way to persuade your neighbors to talk to them.

Bad Reception/Bad Cell phone Battery Life

Is your cell phone dropping more calls than usual?  Is your cellphone dying quickly after chagrining it and limiting its use?  Your cellphone problems may not mean that you need a new phone, your problems could be caused by surveillance.  Odd noises on a line, a delayed dial tone, or hearing a present low static noise could be signs that someone is monitoring your phone calls.

Items Moved Out of Place/Misplaced Items

You swore that you organized your desk before you left for work, but when you come back you see that some files are out of their places.  Maybe you’ve noticed an unmade bed in your home that you knew you made before your left, or maybe you’re noticing that objects look like they’ve been subtly shifted.  You may not be getting forgetful, your misplaced and moved items may be a sign that someone may be coming into your home to gather information on you.

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