Be Bond for a Day: A True Spy Experience

Be Bond for a Day-A True Spy Experience

At SpyAssociates we’re happy to serve customers who have a true passion for surveillance. They’ve installed their fair share of surveillance cameras and know how to use a bug detector, and their friends probably come to them whenever they have questions about surveillance tech.  Do you think that you’re ready for the big leagues of the spy world?  Do you think that you could plant bugs, protect state secrets, and look debonair while doing it?  You may not be able to walk into the CIA and demand a job, but there is a company that could make your dreams come true for a few action packed days.

The UAE travel company Qualia gets its name from a philosophy term that refers to individual instances of subjective and conscious experience.  The name couldn’t be more appropriate for a company that specializes in creating total immersive role playing experiences for their customers.  Currently Qualia’s main spy immersion experience is centered in Australia, but they’re working on making missions for the UK, Europe, and even Pakistan.  “Immersion” wouldn’t be able to describe their spy experience.  When you sign up to play spy for a day with them, you’ll be getting an experience that’s so realistic that you may even forget that it’s fake.

The immersion starts before people even arrive in Australia.  People who sign up receive a package that contains plane tickets, information on their new identity, and preliminary details about their mission.  Once they arrive at their destination they’ll go through two days of intense training in undercover spy skills, and once they’re deemed ready they’ll be able to start on their real mission.  The company can’t give out too much information on the missions they plan, but they promise that their immersion experience guests can expect to be pushed to their physical and mental limits.

The Qualia experience is so authentic that militaries and police forces have used their immersion experiences to train their men.  The Abu Dhabi Police Criminal Investigations Department used Qualia’s services to train for dealing with advanced child abuse and human exploitation crimes, and they’ll soon be working with the company to train for more crime scenarios.  The company’s founder and CEO Natalie Smith has a 13 year background in the Australian Federal Police doing undercover and surveillance work along with helping with high profile investigations and VIP protection.  She wants to make sure that everybody who has a Qualia experience gets the most realistic experience possible.  And if you’re one of the lucky people who the company works with, you may find it hard to go back to your day job after you get a taste of the spy life.

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