Surveillance Equipment Helps Catch Burglar in James City County, VA

Surveillance Equipment Helps Catch Burglar in James City County VA

If you were wondering how a spy detector, surveillance equipment, and other spy and surveillance products have helped law enforcement officials, take a look at this recent story out of the “Old Dominion” state.  A small GPS tracking device was able to catch a burglar in James City County, VA, that had been stealing things from local neighborhoods since last June.

37-year-old Michael Joseph Morris was charged with burglary, grand larceny, and misdemeanor property destruction on January 18th.  Police believe that at approximately 9pm on January 17th Morris kicked in a door to a time share unit that was located on Indian Fields Way in Williamsburg Plantation.  Morris proceeded to steal a 40-inch flat screen television and fled the scene.

If local law enforcement officials hadn’t thought to use a tiny tracking device for an investigation on local robberies, they may not have been able to catch Morris.  Since June various units in the Williamsburg Plantation complex had been robbed, so the James City County Police decided to install a small GPS tracking device in an expensive TV set.  On the night of the break in Morris stole the television set that police had installed the device in, and thanks to its accuracy police were able to track Morris to his residence in the 100 block of Raleigh Street.  When law enforcement officials had arrived Morris was leaving his home to go out to his vehicle.  When Morris saw the officers he ran back into his house and fled out the backdoor, but after a short chase he was taken into custody.

When investigators searched the inside of Morris’ residence they not only found the stolen television with the GPS device, but also other television sets and property they believe that Morris stole.  Police recovered property that was stolen in a previous burglary that had occurred at the Williamsburg Plantation in December, and property that was stolen from two vehicles in two different neighborhoods in June 2012.

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