Portable GPS Tracking Capabilities, Which One Would You Need?

Portable GPS Tracking Capabilities Which One Would You Need

Have you ever lost something that you desperately want to find, at any cost? How do portable GPS tracking help you find anything or anyone you’ve lost or want to track? When you lose something, you almost wish you had some sort of tracking device on that object so that you could detect its precise location.

Take your cell phone for example. If someone steals your cell phone, the phone company can pin point where that phone is if it’s ever used by the thief by triangulating its location based on the cell phone towers in that area. However, the cell phone company will only do that under certain circumstances; usually for an Amber alert or a serious police investigation. The uses for this sort of portable GPS device are numerous and, if you have enough forethought to track the items you hold dear, you’ll never lose anything ever again.

Car Keys

If car keys aren’t the most lost item ever, then they must come a close second only to individual socks. And it seems you only lose your car keys when you desperately need to be somewhere. It’s like the car keys fairy takes them to mess with you and then hides them in some obscure part of your house, like the refrigerator. If you had a portable GPS accessory on your keychain that tracked them wherever they were, you could find your keys whenever you needed them and you wouldn’t waste time searching every inch of your house.


Another great idea when it comes to portable GPS tracking is for children. Young kids have minds of their own and they will wander off if ever given the chance. If you had a device on them, you could use the GPS tracker to always find them. You could hang something around their neck, put something in their pocket, or even place it like a pin on their shirt. If they wander off, you’ll always know where they’re at and you won’t freak out because you can’t find them.


Pets can also be found with portable GPS tracking. By putting a device on their collar, you will always know exactly where they’re at all the time. No more flyers all around town, no more ads in the paper and no more sleepless nights wondering if Fluffy is still alive or not.

Portable GPS tracking has many uses and as technology gets more advanced, you’ll see that these devices will soon become part of everyday life.

Spy Hawk Turbo Portable GPS Tracking System

Spy Hawk Turbo Portable GPS  is the Newest & Hottest Portable GPS Tracking Solution in the Live Vehicle Tracking Industry today!

It has a highly sensitive internal antenna and battery, comes with a belt clip and USB charger/cable. And it transmits location data once every 20 feet if walking (speed less than 10mph) and once every 10 seconds if driving (faster than 10mph).


  • LIVE Real Time Portable Tracking with 10 second updates!
  • Speed Limit alerts are sent with notification via SMS Text Message or Email
  • No Software to install – User Controlled 100% Web Based Site Provided
  • $39.95 per Month for USA/CANADA – NO CONTRACTS – Unlimited Tracking
  • 90-Day Historical Playback
  • Accessible From Any Web Enabled PC or Handheld Enabled Device
  • Each Account Can Support from 1 up to 500 GPS Trackers

Uses for Spy Hawk Turbo Best Portable GPS Devices

  •  Track your 16-year old who got his/her license last week?
  • Catch a Cheating Spouse
  • Watch your Nanny with your kids?
  • Great for Special Needs Patients & Great for Patients with Alzheimer’s

The possibilities are endless!!! Get Spy Hawk Turbo Portable GPS Tracking at SpyAssociates.com

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