GPS Tracking Systems: Usability Matters

GPS Tracking Systems - Usability Matters

When it comes to purchasing GPS tracking systems, there are many things to consider. One of the first ones that you will want to tackle is price. Yet, before you do that, try to consider how easy it is for you to use the unit first. Let’s say that you purchase a unit that is inexpensive. You get it home and open it up only to find out that the menu is impossible to navigate. Or, what if you bring home your very expensive, elite unit only to find out that there is no easy way to navigate through the various screens. The unit is then worthless to you.

GPS Tracking Systems Usability

The ability that you have to actually use GPS tracking systems should not come too hard in this day and age. If you have used a computer, a PDA, a mobile phone, or other such electronics, you can easily move from one use to the next. The usability of the product should allow you to do all of the things that you need to rather easy.

Of course, you probably will want to make sure that the unit has a good quality user’s manual in it as well. But, you should not just assume that it will be easy to use if you read it. Here are some steps to consider determine the usability of the unit.

  • If you purchase from a retail outlet, make sure that you give the unit or the display money some attention. Does it seem easy to use in this format? Can you do simple things rather easily?
  • If you purchase the product from an online service, take the unit out of the box and play with it. Without reading your manual yet, does it seem easy to navigate?
  • Look at the manual itself. Is it written well, in good terminology that is easy for you to understand?

Still, it is unlikely that if you venture out with your GPS tracking system to hunt that those in your party are going to sit down and really read through the manual before they actually use it. So, you do want the unit to be rather easy to use by anyone, including you. If you spend a bit more money and get the easy navigation tools that are becoming more common to find, you will find the benefits over a long period of time.

Best GPS Tracking Systems on the Market


GPS Tracking SystemsSpy Matrix PRO GPS is the “Private Investigators Dream Machine”

Spy Matrix PRO GPS  is the hottest GPS handheld technology available in the portable live vehicle tracking industry. It has a highly sensitive internal antenna and battery, comes with a belt clip and USB charger/cable. It transmits location data once every 20 feet if walking (speed less than 10mph) and once every 10 seconds if driving (faster than 10mph). You can watch your device move across the screen live in real time as it happens.

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Spy Hawk SuperTrak GPSSpyHawk SuperTrak GPS Worldwide Super Trackstick USB Data Logger


The Spy Hawk SuperTrak is the obvious choice for government agencies and intelligence personnel. The weatherproof case and removable magnetic mount allow for covert installation. It is conveniently powered by two (2) AAA batteries and it has a built-in vibration detector and proprietary low power GPS technology, the GPS will run for over a month with average use. The 4Mb of flash memory ensures that the Spy Hawk SuperTrak will log weeks or even months of travel histories.

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