Best Portable GPS

Best Portable GPS

The best portable GPS system is very attractive whenever you’re shopping for one of these devices. The best portable GPS systems have all the bells and whistles, have all the best maps already installed and more than likely receive information from satellites such as traffic, stop lights and more. However, do you really need to spend all your hard earned money on the latest gadget that just came out, or can you just go with one of the later models; even though they don’t have all the bells and whistles? The answer is that you can probably get to your destination just as fast by going with the later model instead of the best portable GPS. However, the newer models often have that little something extra that more than makes up for the cost. But you must do your homework so that you’re not spending your money needlessly.

The Latest Technology

Anytime you hear about the best portable GPS system on the market, chances are it is only a slight modification over the previous best portable GPS system. They probably  made some tweak that improved it only slightly, and this is only six months since the previous best GPS system came out, and now they are charging high dollar for this one and dropping the price slightly on the previous one. But which one should you buy? The only way to determine that is to do your homework. You must compare the portable GPS systems, this newer model and the previous one, and only then can you determine if the extra money is worth it.

What’s Different?

When you have the best portable GPS system, what do you intend to do with it? What would you like it to do? What features would you prefer? Which features would you use? Say the newest model of the best portable GPS system reads traffic so that you can choose alternate routes that aren’t so backed up. Would you use that feature or does traffic not bother you too much because you live in a small town where there’s not much traffic anyway? If this newer best portable GPS system has that feature and the previous one doesn’t, and that’s the only difference between the two, is it really worth it to break your bank account to get this newer model? Probably not, but that determination can only be made when you compare the two and do your research.

Like Cell Phones

The newer best portable GPS systems are often like cell phones. Cell phones are made to make calls to and from, but nowadays they have all these extra bells and whistles that just make them more attractive for the consumer. But do all those bells and whistles help you make better phone calls? Do they add to the phone call experience at all? Probably not, but they are more marketable so more people want to buy them. Don’t be suckered into all the extra bells and whistles when all you want to do is go to a place and know where you’re going. That’s it. That’s what the best portable GPS system should do. By knowing this, you can look past all the marketing and make a decision based on what you want your GPS system to do without throwing all your hard earned money away.

Spy Hawk Turbo Portable GPS System the Best Portable GPS Tracking Device

Spy Hawk Turbo Portable GPS  is the Newest & Hottest Portable GPS Tracking Solution in the Live Vehicle Tracking Industry today!

It has a highly sensitive internal antenna and battery, comes with a belt clip and USB charger/cable. And it transmits location data once every 20 feet if walking (speed less than 10mph) and once every 10 seconds if driving (faster than 10mph).


  • LIVE Real Time Portable Tracking with 10 second updates!
  • Speed Limit alerts are sent with notification via SMS Text Message or Email
  • No Software to install – User Controlled 100% Web Based Site Provided
  • $39.95 per Month for USA/CANADA – NO CONTRACTS – Unlimited Tracking
  • 90-Day Historical Playback
  • Accessible From Any Web Enabled PC or Handheld Enabled Device
  • Each Account Can Support from 1 up to 500 GPS Trackers

Uses for Spy Hawk Turbo Best Portable GPS Devices

  •  Track your 16-year old who got his/her license last week?
  • Catch a Cheating Spouse
  • Watch your Nanny with your kids?
  • Great for Special Needs Patients & Great for Patients with Alzheimer’s

The possibilities are endless!!! Get Spy Hawk Turbo Portable GPS at SpyAssociates.com

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