How to Counter Surveillance

Have you ever had that feeling that someone is secretly listening to you or there may be a hidden camera on your bedroom or bathroom?

Spy equipment, listening devices, spy bugs, hidden video cameras are readily available, accessible, and can easily be hidden by anybody. But what is disturbing is that the unethical usage of surveillance is growing at an alarming rate. Surveillance products are increasingly being abused and misused both for personal and business gains such as spying on competitors, on spouse, voyeurism, stealing important information or company secrets, and it is all very distressing. And with this current situation, you’ve got to do something to protect yourself, your home, your children, your business and your assets.

But what can you do to make sure that nobody is secretly listening to your conversations, video recording your activities or infringing upon your privacy??? Counter Surveillance.

Counter surveillance simply means taking an active or passive action to counteract hostile surveillance. It refers to measures taken to avoid surveillance such as sweeping for listening devices or bugs. Counter surveillance can also help you ascertain whether you are being watched or spied on

However, establishing whether your conversations are being captured or you are being watched by hidden cameras could be very difficult. This is where counter surveillance equipment can be very useful. Counter surveillance equipment is a crucial key in securing and protecting your home, assets and business interests. As soon as the surveillance has been detected it can then be avoided, deactivated, or used to provide disinformation.

Here are some tips on how to counter surveillance.

1) Break Away from Your Daily Routine

The most basic and best way on how to counter surveillance is to break away from your regular daily routine. By doing so, surveillance will be more difficult as this covers up your regular daily activities and the time you are suppose to take on certain tasks. But this does not mean turning your schedule upside down but rather just injecting different activities at a certain period of time or changing schedules or places of minor activities such as doing your laundry or your groceries. But keep in mind to conduct your major day to day activities but do not be predictable. Make it difficult to track and predict your movements such as taking a different route going to work or going to the grocery store. Combine variable and unconventional activities into your everyday routine to create unpredictability in the pattern of your activities. If this technique isn’t giving you the peace of mind, use counter surveillance equipment.

2) Use Counter Surveillance Equipment

Bugs are a common type of spy equipment. Phone taps can be used to listen to your phone conversations and even discussions you have while in the same room as your phone. Besides the phone, bugs can be placed virtually anywhere undetected, as they are extremely small. However, most bugs emit radio waves. Therefore the Radio Frequency (RF) signal measuring instruments are the necessary counter surveillance equipment to detect and monitor bugs. A bug detector can be used to sweep any room you suspect a bug to be in. They are used in much the same way as metal detectors. The detectors pick up on radio frequencies that bugs emit while in use. Some bug detectors are so advanced as to be able to pick up video surveillance equipment and GPS locators that may also be used to spy on your activities. Still more advanced counter surveillance equipment models will “tap” into the tap and allow you to listen to exactly what your interloper is listening to.

Recommended counter surveillance equipment.

SBD-5H Transmitter and Video Detector1) SBD-5H: Transmitter and Video Camera Detector

The SBD-5H instantly and “silently” alerts you when eavesdropping devices are in your presence. It can detect transmitters concealed on the body, bogs hidden in rooms and any type of telephone transmitters. You’ll be secretly alerted instantly via a firm, yet completely silent vibration and LED light when it detects any type of Eavesdropping Transmitter anywhere in the vicinity. Each time a transmitter is detected, a bright red LED will also start blinking, providing another silent method of verification. You can get more details of this counter surveillance HERE.

2)DET-2: Frequency CounterDET-2 Frequency Counter

The DET-2 extremely sensitive frequency counter automatically “Locks-On” the frequency of any Eavesdropping Transmitter in the vicinity and immediately reveals the location and operating frequency. Accurate 10 Digit Display instantly indicates the precise frequency of any Eavesdropping Transmitter and completely eliminates those transient signals that confuse most detectors. You can get more details of this counter surveillance equipment HERE.

CSD-21 Super Sensitive Combination Detector3) CSD-21: Super Sensitive Combination Detector

CSD-21 is the world’s best selling audio surveillance and counter surveillance equipment. If you require GUARANTEED PROTECTION against electronic telephone monitoring devices and also require COMPLETE CONFIDENTIAL PRIVACY in certain rooms and areas, we highly recommend the CSD-21. It quickly “homes-in” on any eavesdropping device and immediately pinpoints its location. It also provides the absolute maximum degree of protection possible today against all types of telephone taps and room bugs at ranges up to 25 ft. You can get more details of this counter surveillance equipment HERE.

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